Closing Thought–09Jul21 by

Closing Thought–09Jul21 As an old protester from the 60s and 70s I am always interested in the attempts by government to try and silence the people’s right to protest….and 2021 has been an active year to try and silence people from taking the politicians and attempts to task….. This June, a dangerously low-flying helicopter operated […]

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McConnell And Democratic Centralism by

McConnell And Democratic Centralism I have often said that the US Senate is where great bills go to die…….and for the past decade it is more so than normal under the leadership of McConnell….but now the GOP Senate seems to be practicing ‘democratic centralism’……. What is that? Democratic centralism is a practice in which political […]

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Closing Thought–06Jul21 by

  Closing Thought–06Jul21 Oops! My bad! A head honcho lobbyists at Exxon just revealed that he has 11 US Senators in his pocket and they will do as they are told in the law making process…… From an interview with Keith McCoy is a senior ExxonMobil lobbyist on Capitol Hill… McCoy said he has 11 […]

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SCOTUS–This Is What We Get by

SCOTUS–This Is What We Get One of the more recent opinion offered by the Supreme Court was one that upheld the attempts to suppress the vote (at least in Arizona)……and as usual since I am an opinionated SOB I had something to say on this ruling……   Like I stated…this is what we get […]

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Marquis De Lafayette by

Marquis De Lafayette Since we are in the process of celebrating our independence I thought that a young Frenchman should be recognized for his assistance in our fight…. One of the ‘heroes’ of the American Revolution…..a French noble that came to fight on the side of the Colonials….. At a dinner on August 8, 1775, […]

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