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Short Story Challenge 2! THE BONSAI @WritingCommunity #shortstory #personalchallenge #indieauthor by D.L. Finn

Short Story Challenge 2! THE BONSAI @WritingCommunity #shortstory #personalchallenge #indieauthor Here is this week’s personal short story challenge. It’s only a few words over my 1000 target. The word Bonsai was chosen by my daughter, Danielle. I searched using that words and picked this picture. THE BONSAI The fog slowly crept in and covered the […]

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Unsuitable For Your Kind by Na’ama Yehuda

Unsuitable For Your Kind August 22, 2021 / Books & Bonsai Na’ama Yehuda (Photo: Kristian Strand on Unsplash)   “The best,” the man swept a heavy arm across the offerings. “And there?” the woman gestured at the shadows. “Nothing worth your time, Madam.” He looked pointedly at her tailored attire, “Unsuitable for your kind.” Read more […]

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