Do you want to become our new customer? Dynamo publishing house is looking for new assignments.

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“Dynamo – Möjligheternas Förlag” was launched in 2015 by Demokratipiloterna as a Heritage Fund project to give young creative people with psychosocial disabilities a place in working life. The publisher has been standing on its own two feet since September 2018 and is managed by the editorial team. Before that, we worked together with RFSL Stockholm, Volontarbyrån, the monument fund project Trialog and NSPH der Bräcke diakoni as well as the monument fund project Anhörigprojektet of the schizophrenia association. Now we are looking for new, exciting tasks. Do you need help creating a brochure or book? Or maybe a website? Contact Freyja via email and we will arrange a meeting! “(The text comes from our social media)

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