My wall by WeLoveMeNow

Contemporary Miscellaneous Poetry

My wall

Pitter-patter, the footsteps get closer“Oh my word” what a bitter patternI’m one step away from starting a new chapter A chapter that is pictured through the blank stares of my wallWritten carefully and beautifully on colorful sticky notes mounted on my bed room wallThis wall has become my little heaven,My new addiction of what spells freedom,My new wake of reality that keeps reminding me that it is the only friend that I gotSo solid and cold like how it was made,It complements me in every  wayThey say,Walls have ears but mine got warmthSo savagery at times and kinda not comforting when my sadness intrudes it merges insteadNot steady, comprises more of  mixed feelingsI feel lonely at times, all times But…

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