Time To Crow by Reena Saxena

  Time To Crow   There are 5 new hens in the hen house, which gives me something to crow about, because I am the only rooster.  People think that roosters crow at dawn, but I will crow my heart out whenever I like and I am a late sleeper.  If any other roosters dare […]

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Their Calling by Reena Saxena

  Their Calling Posted on July 8, 2021 by Reena Saxena Their calling ……. By Eugenia I Write Her   Sasan Rashtipour – Unsplash   Inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Network & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #189   kermit wishes he were more than just an iconic symbol  […] Read more … Source: Their Calling […]

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Afraid by Reena Saxena

  Afraid   “I can’t bring myself to forgive….” Maria veers off mentally, fully knowing the barrage of words that would now be spewed out. She has heard it everyday for more than quarter of a century. She is kind of immune, but the idea of being stuck in a swamp stinks. […] Source: Afraid […]

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Devil by Reena Saxena

Devil Devil …..by Artie & Stu  Morning after that party we knew it was over drunken dances so strange. A tree gives glory by being a tree without asking is anything in it for me. A Playboy mires in vain pursuit of self-glory […] View original post Source: Devil Source: https://reinventionsreena.wordpress.com  

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