Tanka Prose by Reena Saxena

Tanka Prose This is a ‘tanka prose’ created by the ‘Found Poetry’ method from my own piece Monsters I continue to be the monster in their stories…. There might be a day when one of them is in trouble. If I sense that, and am capable of helping out, I offer a hand silently. To […]

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Pain — Charmed Chaos by Reena Saxena

Pain — Charmed Chaos Pain does this to a body-pushes you to the brink surrounds you in deceptive arms making you believe that it always was and always will be here washing you up on a rusty shore anchored by the weight of its magnitude and there you sit, buried in quicksand thoughts and shifting stone Waiting for the next blinding wave praying it […]

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Language as a Service by Reena Saxena

  Language as a Service “Can’t take it any more. I’m at the end of my tether.” “Hmmm.. they are not backing it up with dollars, but their assets which include loans. Not trustworthy, for sure…” “Who?” “Those who spoke about stability in a volatile world…. Bitcoin, Dogecoin are riding the Musk bandwagon. Would you […]

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Hidden clues by Reena Saxena

Hidden clues She enjoyed looking at the crestfallen faces of the search squad, who had come for a major clue to the murder mystery. “I did not expect a party to be happening in this empty house.” She distinctly heard the most irate man say. And why not? A cat has nine lives, and this […]

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“Shift” by Reena Saxena

  Shift “People come into your life for a reason or a season….” She was reading this poem for the 46th time, yet not finding answers to her silent question, addressed to the Universe and the energies which manifested it in the real world. How could any person or situation change so drastically, defying all […]

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