Redflags by welovemenow

Redflags Some see it. Some choose to ignoreSlowly by slowly, it adds to moreMore torture, more cries, something I chose to adore! I saw it coming, I read the signs alsoSo sad, my wound is now soreNot wanting to believe became my new flawDwelling in disappointments and hoping for moreDay by day, it had a […]

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I clutch at this Straw!

I clutch at this Straw! I clutch at this straw… I woke up in the morning..My stomach could not stop growling … I was yawning! I didn’t have anything to eat before I got to bed the previous night because… Like any other person my age… I had too much rage .. within.. I was […]

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Today, I bury all your secrets!

Today, I bury all your secrets! Today, I bury all your secrets… The ones you opened up to mewhen you felt like nobody else would have listened… I feel humbled to know that back then, I was that one person you once felt safe with..I’m glad you trusted me with your secrets … Cause I […]

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3 Am by WeLoveMeNow

3 Am Just like any other day, everyday, I always find a friend in me in the amAt late night, when it gets quiet, peaceful and where I get to know who I really amNo disturbance, no random phone calls, no duty calls but too much calmAt this hour, i tend to pray so hard […]

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My wall by WeLoveMeNow

My wall Pitter-patter, the footsteps get closer“Oh my word” what a bitter patternI’m one step away from starting a new chapter A chapter that is pictured through the blank stares of my wallWritten carefully and beautifully on colorful sticky notes mounted on my bed room wallThis wall has become my little heaven,My new addiction of […]

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