“On His Blindness” by Luisa Zambrotta

John Milton, who was born in London on 9 December 1608 and died in 1674, was an English poet, and intellectual who served as a civil servant for the Commonwealth of England under Oliver Cromwell. He is best known for “Paradise Lost”, widely regarded as the greatest epic poem in English. He wrote in English, […]

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Loss Teaches Us How to Live by Mitch Teemley

Loss Teaches Us How to Live Thought for the Week “Nothing can truly be taken from us. There is nothing to lose. Inner peace begins when we stop saying, ‘I have lost it,’ and instead say, ‘It has been returned to where it came from.’” ~Epictetus Loss is painful. Just when we think we’re “getting on […]

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You Were Four by Reena Saxena

  You Were Four You were four …..by Dora Dreams from a Pilgrimage Her father died on June 27, 2021of covid. You were four with a Daddy when you laid out dancing colorsof pink, blue, green and purple When you were four and a daythe colors went orange viralof corona, corona everywhere You sat half-hidden […]

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