You Were Four by Reena Saxena

Contemporary Informative Writing


You Were Four

You were four … Dora Dreams from a Pilgrimage

Her father died on June 27, 2021of covid. You were four with a Daddy when you laid out dancing colorsof pink, blue, green and purple When you were four and a daythe colors went orange viralof corona, corona everywhere You sat half-hidden in shadowyour diamond father stolen from you with black words like ICU Now pink, blue, green and purplehave fled a world of frightening redyour mother widowed in white And you are four and countinglooking back at days of graya rainbow shining over you: we pray Reena at Xploration Challenge gives us an update on the four-year-old pictured above: “I came across a heart-wrenching picture of a drawing by a 4-year…

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