Book Recommendations by Felicia Denise (nesiesplace)

Miscellaneous Writing

#ReleaseBlitz “Flirtatious and Mysterious (NeXt series duet)” by K.M. Scott


#TeaserTuesday “Cyclops (Reckless Kings MC 5): Dixie Reapers Bad Boy Romance” by Harley Wylde


#AudioTour “Dutybound (Light Wings Epic Volume 1)” by Mark Aaron Alvarez II


#MiniTour “Life Rolls Along” by Linda Nielsen


#ReleaseBlitz “Keys to Paradise” by Macy Butler

#AudioTour “The One Who Could Not Fly (The Wing Cycle, Book 1)” by E.G. Stone


#BookTour “The Empire’s Bladesmen: Forbidden Relics (War of the Dragon Throne Book 1)” by Clay Vagrant