Notes from a small dog: Rations

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Notes from a small dog: Rations

She says it is nearly Halloween so I have to tell you a horror story. So I will.

Wait for it…

I’m on short rations.

That bad enough for you? Make your toes curl? Shudder?

No, not food… we all know I eat better than she does… and most of what she does too…

It’s worse than that. Much worse.

She’s been counting. I mean, really… do you need to count to more than three? That’s about all I need … three treats is the most I’m allowed… so one – two – three – lots (which usually means she left the bag in my reach…).Works perfectly. Much simpler than what she was doing.

How mean can you get? “One – two….. hundred and ninety nine…that’s your lot. No more now, I’m busy.”


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