Rough Steps | Flash fiction #writephoto by Jemima Pett

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Rough Steps | Flash fiction #writephoto

Rough Steps is my take on this week’s writephoto–of a stairway, which as you can see is pretty rough-hewn.

My thanks go to KL Caley of for continuing to keep us up to the mark with not only a prompt each week, but by reblogging and cataloguing our efforts for a round-up post on a Thursday morning.

rough steps - stairway

I’ve been to places that looked a bit like this–especially watchtowers on the Spanish Coast. But I decided to come closer to home, and prove Chris the Story Reading Ape right when he said I’d have more stories about my Princelings. This is the second this year: the first was George and the Maiden, another writephoto that featured a tower! This story is just under 1000 words.

Rough Steps

“And up here, we’re planning a balcony, overlooking the forest. Take care on the steps.”

Miles, formerly king of Castle Fortune, led Fred, formerly king of Castle Marsh, up the steps to where his new parapet was under construction. […]

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