Daryl Davis Is Still Going Strong by Jill Dennison

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Daryl Davis Is Still Going Strong

In 2017, Keith and I both wrote about a man named Daryl Davis, a Black man who is doing more than his share to help white supremacists stop being white supremacists, one at a time.  If you’re interested, here are links to Keith’s post and mine.  Last weekend, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Nicholas Kristof’s column looked to Davis and his technique in hopes of taking a page from Davis’ playbook to find ways to deal with people on the other side of the many divisive issues we are confronted with today. I think it is well worth considering … ‘How Can You Hate Me When You Don’t Even Know Me?’ By Nicholas Kristof Opinion Columnist One of the questions I’m asked…

Source: Daryl Davis Is Still Going Strong
Source: Jill Dennison