The Armadillo Files, Episode 9 — Featuring Bad Moon Rising

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The Armadillo Files, Episode 9 — Featuring Bad Moon Rising

You’ve reached The Armadillo Files, even though it might at first look like author Teri Polen’s yearly October festival of horror and suspense, Bad Moon Rising.

Three Bad Moon Things

In support of the aforementioned event, my things for this episode are Bad, Moon, and Rising. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the wherewithal to also make this a horror episode.  Hmmm maybe next time though.

Tidbits of Truth

I always try to bring a bit of reality into this zany atom-punk fantasy.  This time it’s with dancing and food. We left Dilly pretty darned hungry last time.  So you’ll find that I’ve mentioned three dishes that really were popular back in the World War II Era.  For more click this link.

This episode mentions the owl from last time.  I’m including one more owlish thing today. I had wondered if there might be an owl dance. Oh yes, I found one.  It’s a Native American dance.  Learn about the Owl Dance here.

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