Author Interview: Terry Tyler by lecari


Terry Tyler is the author of 23 books — in this interview I chat to Terry about her writing journey and inspiration.

I first met Terry Tyler last year after reviewing her amazing dystopian novel, Wasteland. I absolutely loved it and also featured the book in my YouTube channel last summer. As well as being a talented writer, Terry is a huge supporter of the writing community, especially on Twitter, where she regularly shares other people’s work. Ever since we met she has supported my blog and has been a joy to chat to!

I have read and enjoyed her series Operation Galton, a dystopian trilogy set in our near future. The population of the UK were forced to move into ‘megacities’ during the 2030s and 2040s. Most businesses are now under the control of the government and a corporation called Nutricorp, including apartment blocks that everyone now lives in, known as ‘stacks’. But there are rebels — those who don’t want to comply with the strict regime, who live outside the walls of the megacities. As part of ‘Operation Galton’, all the country’s unemployed and unemployable reside in group housing known as Hope Villages. You can read my review of Wasteland here — and my review of the latest book in the series, Megacity, will be going live later this month!

I spoke to Terry about her life, her writing process and her writing journey so far in this interview — read below to learn more!

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