Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt – Lid by John W. Howell

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt – Lid

Being a lovely Saturday morning, I decided to motor to the local Starbucks for an overpriced coffee and blueberry scone. Arriving at the drive-through, I quickly calculated and figured I would be in line for thirty minutes. Heaving a big sigh, I pulled around to the parking area, grabbed my mask, and headed inside.

There was another line, but it was moving quickly. When my turn came, I ordered a Grande with room for cream and a blueberry scone. “All out of blueberry scones.” I thought a cheeky reply from the mixed purple and green-haired barista. I said to make it a plain scone then and was informed that it was also sold out. “What do you have?” She/her told me that they have everything else. By now, I had lost the desire for a scone and decided I would just get the coffee.


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