Do you want to master the art of impossible? by A Better Man

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Do you want to master the art of impossible?

There are two types of impossible situations. With a capital I, one is impossible. Think of landing on the moon or running a four-minute mile as examples of “impossible” feats that shatter assumptions and expectations.

Then there’s the impossibility of using a lowercase i. On a personal scale, this sort of impossible still exists beyond your wildest thoughts. It’s the stuff you believe you’ll never be able to do. It could be anything from starting a business to pursuing a musical career to simply doing what you enjoy for a living.

Fortunately, neither of these “impossibilities” is true. There is a scientifically proven strategy for doing the seemingly impossible. Motivation, learning, creativity, and flow are the four skills that make up this skill set. The book The Art of Impossible by Steven Kotler is focused about deciphering and applying that formula. […]

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