Reena’s Xploration Challenge #194

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Reena’s Xploration Challenge #194

Welcome back!


Some of you may already be aware of what I’m going to mention. It may be a literary adventure for some.

I came across ‘literary devices’ while scanning the net. The link is given at the end of this piece.



I chose one called POLYSYNDETON for this prompt.

It is art of creating complex sentences, by using conjunctions instead of commas.


  • I said, ‘Who killed him?’ and he said ‘I don’t know who killed him, but he’s dead all right,’ and it was dark and there was water standing in the street and no lights or windows broke and boats all up in the town and trees blown down and everything all blown and I got a skiff and went out and found my boat where I had her inside Mango Key and she was right only she was full of water.”— Ernest Hemingway, After the Storm.


  • “And every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground, both man, and cattle, and the creeping things, and the fowl of the heaven; and they were destroyed from the earth: and Noah only remained alive, and they that were with him in the ark.” — Genesis 7:3

Write a sentence, or maybe you can pull a story or flash fiction or poem in this style.

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