Milly – Part 10 – The quilt in the Massachusetts State House


Milly – Part 10

In Part 9, Milly continued her visits to school.  The children and Gloria were always thrilled when it was a ‘Milly day’.  At last, after years of quilts that went away to places of honor, Milly made a quilt, “Our Towns” that hangs at school.  Declining health continued, yet I summoned the courage to ask Milly to make another Peace Quilt.  She was thrilled, and with her renewed energy and enthusiasm, we were off on another adventure.

Part 10 – The Final Curtain.

“Lets make the image with children and their family looking out a big window at their images of peace.”  Milly’s idea was brilliant, and that’s exactly what we did.  Honestly, that quilt with butterfly wings that moved, real chains for swings, raised and puffy hearts, and striking colors and images, was Milly’s best.  It was her crowning glory.

And so, the question of where to hang the quilt lingered… until an old friend and past parent whose child was part of the first Peace Quilt said it should hang at the White House.  “The world needs peace more today than ever” she said.  Yes.  And it needs to hang at our own White House, the State House.  Of course it does!  The White House may take years to approve and accept the quilt.  I wasn’t sure if Milly had years.  The Massachusetts State House was perfect.  Milly thought so, too.

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