Chocolate Chip FOMOOC #humor #recipe #ChocolateChipCookieDay by Barb Taub

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Chocolate Chip FOMOOC #humor #recipe #ChocolateChipCookieDay

missed it… National Chocolate Chip Cookie day was a few days back. But for all those who suffer like me from FOMOOC (Fear Of Missing Out On Chocolate) I offer the following tribute to the therapeutic properties of the Chocolate Chip Cookie. (With milk, of course. We’re not savages.)

In my family, when the going gets tough, the tough get chocolate. When my mother had her first heart attack, we reacted with prayer in our hearts and chocolate chip cookies on our lips. When they finally shooed us out of the hospital, we automatically regrouped in her kitchen. One sister creamed butter (the real stuff—this was an emergency), sugars, and eggs.

While the rest of us measured out the dry ingredients, we fought/argued/discussed (in my family, those are synonyms) the meeting we’d just had with the doctor. Although most of my nine brothers and sisters had crowded in to hear the test results and prognosis, we came out with ten different opinions. The only thing we could agree on was that somewhere in this kitchen were the chocolate chips.

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