Top Ten Things Not to Do On a Monday by John W. Howell

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Top Ten Things Not to Do On a Monday

This list was inspired by facing Monday over 3800 times so far. Everyone was a little different, and it was not because of the day but rather because of the day before. Hope you enjoy it.


Top Ten Things Not to Do On a Monday

10 On Monday, do not bustle into the office as if you don’t have a hangover. If you do, at best, you will broadcast your desperate condition. At worst, you may just burn out by ten o’clock and will have a rough time explaining how you managed to sleep at your desk until after everyone went home. (And you were drooling too)

9 On Monday, do not go into your boss’s office with a demand for higher pay. If you do, at best, you can expect a locked door next time. At worst, your boss is fighting a bad headache, and you are now considered a pain in another part of the body. (We are too gentrified to mention what that part is) […]

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