#JustAThought – What’s the big deal? by Erika Kind

Health Informative

So far, it has been a wet and cold summer. Unlike the last two to three years, we have not had a heatwave or drought during the summer months. We have had a few thunderstorms that have scared even me, a self-confessed thunderstorm lover. But we have been really lucky so far, while areas just a half-hour away from us have had no luck. But as is probably the nature of us humans, so many complain and complain. I understand that it’s not easy when the kids are on summer vacation, and you can’t make plans for trips in the area or further afield.

Nevertheless, large parts of Europe were under water. People died or lost everything in the floods and flash floods that caught them unprepared. There were huge mudslides that buried everything. There were severe storms with hail from pea to tennis ball size and even tornadoes where there had never been any before. Other, even larger areas are currently burned to the ground or suffering from extreme heatwaves, for example, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Turkey. Fires and heat waves […]

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