Book Recommendations by Felicia Denise 08/06/2021

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#FREE “Snatched (Vanished Book 1)” by Michael Arches

Snatched cover


Check out this hot new kidnapping-thriller series that readers love!

Federal prosecutor Athena Kazan adores her job—until someone puts a bullet in her head. Miraculously, she survives the shooting, but her troubles have just begun. A drug cartel wants her dead, and it will pay a big bounty to make that happen.

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#BookTour “No Names to Be Given” by Julia Brewer Daily

NoNamestobeGivenCongratulations to author Julia Brewer Daily on the release of her debut novel, No Names to Be Given!

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No Names cover_00001No Names to Be Given

Publication Date: August 3rd, 2021

Genre: Historical Fiction/ Women’s Fiction

Today’s young women will not understand how our families made us feel shame so intensely; we surrendered our first-born children to strangers. Faith Reynolds, No Names to Be Given

The widely anticipated debut novel by Julia Brewer Daily is a glimpse into the lives of women forced by society to gift their newborns to strangers. Although this novel is a fictional account, it mirrors many of the adoption stories of its era.

When three young unwed women meet at a maternity home hospital in New Orleans in 1965, they are expected to relinquish their babies and return home as if nothing transpired. Twenty-five years later, they are brought back together by blackmail and their secrets threatened with exposure—all the way to the White House.

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