Smorgasbord Children’s Reading Room – #Hearingloss Dawn Doig, #Seadog Patricia Furstenberg, #Environment Kathleen Jae

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Smorgasbord Children’s Reading Room – #Hearingloss Dawn Doig, #Seadog Patricia Furstenberg, #Environment Kathleen Jae

Welcome to the Reading Room with books on the shelves for children to the age of 12.

The first book today with a recent review is And So, Ahmed Hears by Dawn Doig

And So, Ahmed Hears by [Dawn Doig]

About the book

Ahmed is a little boy who spends his days with his family doing things he enjoys like going to the park and swimming in the ocean. Although he seems to be a typical two year old, mama has concerns that he may not be hearing. So off they go to the doctor and eventually to the audiologist who diagnoses a hearing loss. Fit with hearing aids, Ahmed is now able to enjoy the sounds of life. And So Ahmed Hears was written to increase public awareness about childhood hearing loss and to help alleviate some of the stigma associated with it.

A recent review for the book

Ellie Langford5.0 out of 5 stars Ahmed Hears has a great message and is filled with love.  Reviewed in the United States on July 5, 2021

The book calls forth empathy and understanding for the hearing impaired. It also shows how the hearing impaired can still relate to and enjoy life. The story drew me in. I was rooting for little Ahmed from beginning to end.

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