Would wearing two face masks work even better? by A Better Man

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Would wearing two face masks work even better?


A single face mask can no longer suffice; recent research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that if your single mask does not fit properly or has multiple layers, you can use two. Wearing cloth face coverings over surgical masks, as well as tying knots on ear loops and tucking the sides of disposable masks, provides greater protection against COVID-19 than wearing a fabric covering or a poorly-fitted medical mask alone, according to CDC research released on February 10.

For months, we’ve known that face masks shield both the wearer and those around them, and that several layers of tightly woven cloth provide better protection than flimsier, non-breathable coverings. Face masks operate by preventing large respiratory droplets from spreading the virus when people cough or sneeze. They can also act as a buffer against smaller aerosols, which are a less popular but still possible mode of transmission for the virus.


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