Editing update: Not the Camp Nano Round-up #amediting by Jemima Pett

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Editing update: Not the Camp Nano Round-up #amediting

Editing. Yes, it is not the Camp NaNoWriMo round-up, for the simple reason I’m not doing Camp NaNo, although I did in April, when I wrote the current project. I’ve given it up in favour of self-discipline! Although, since we’ve had either loads of rain or a ghastly heatwave all this month, it’s been an easy choice to sit at the computer and work.

Camp nanowrimo reflections

Editing Zanzibar’s Rings

Editing a scifi book has some special elements you probably don’t get in most other book types. Then again, you also get many that apply to all.

They are all self-inflicted.

  • Technology issues

Although to a great extent, …


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