Maggie finds her muse by Dee Ernst (Book Review #990) by Jeyran Main

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Maggie finds her muse by Dee Ernst (Book Review #990)

Maggie finds her muse is a contemporary romance story. It begins with Maggie Bliss, a 48-year-old writer who hasn’t had much luck in relationships and struggles to finish her third novel. Following a suggestion made to her, she travels to Paris, lives in a beautiful apartment, and meets new people aspiring to finish her manuscript. How could you go to Paris and not find love? Yes, Maggie falls in love, and that alone brings a lot of drama into the mix.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

As predictable as the story was, I still found it interesting to read. Paris is described well, and the story really felt like a getaway. The story had a steady pace, and the literature was well written. The characters took part in shaping the story. Maggie’s daughter, Nicole, was mainly interesting to read.

Things always happen when you least expect it, and, in this case, even though you plan just to keep away from drama, the drama follows you. I look forward to reading more from this author.