Song Lyric Challenge : 11th July by Books & Bonsai

Music Poetry

Jim Adams is our host for the Song Lyric Sunday music challenge.
Our theme this week is Bugs, Insects suggested by Amy Braun, ☆ai love music☆ aisasami.
I still have a fear of spiders, especially the large ones. Wasps are not a favourite either as I sat on a mate of theirs and they have ganged up on me over the years, so after being stung four times, I keep out of their way.
Ants are a pain when they get in the house, but fascinating when in their own habitat. Slow worms and lizards never bothered me, neither did newts, frogs or toads.
Dragonflies and damsel flies I find fascinating and beautiful in their delicacy and grace, and bees I always have time for.

I’m going with Burl Ives and The Ugly Bug Ball. The lyrics are in the clip.
The Ugly Bug Ball” is a song written by the Sherman Brothers and sung by Osh Popham (Burl Ives) in the film Summer Magic.

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Song Lyric Challenge : 11th July