Our village is getting a huge pigeon house! Factory farming as an animal care concept?

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I was a little shocked when I read this message in the regional newspaper.
Gut Aiderbichl was founded in Austria in 2001, and is a foundation-based facility for tortured and abused animals across several countries. They should spend a good time here, until the end of their lives.

What does a 28 x 14 m building for up to 1000 pigeons have to do with it?
It is more like a mass housing, as in an industrial factory farming. In addition, the animals should – up to 1000? – can only enjoy freedom in a birdhouse.

Unfortunately it’s again all about the money.; – /

Source: https://www.onetz.de/oberpfalz/eslarn/gut-aiderbichl-eslarn-bekommt-grosses-taubenhaus-id3264657.html