No Buckhead, you’re not a special case by Jill Dennison

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No Buckhead, you’re not a special case

One of the topics I cover frequently is that of the gun culture in the U.S. Here, guns outnumber people and our society seems to have largely become inured to the daily gun violence and death. Outside the U.S., our gun culture is viewed with horror and incredulity, rightly so. Some communities think the answer is to wall themselves off from the rest of the nation, but our friend Brosephus tells us of some much more viable, widespread and comprehensive solutions to the problem, though my own preference would be to take the guns out of the hands of civilians! Thanks, Bro, for this wise post. The Mind of Brosephus Through the first five months of 2021, gunfire killed…

Source: No Buckhead, you’re not a special case
Source: Jill Dennison