First Thing In The Morning Grousings! by Jill Dennison

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First Thing In The Morning Grousings!

I actually wrote another post for this morning, but I decided to push it back to this afternoon’s post, for it seemed just a little too weird for first thing in the morning!  And so, you get the joy of listening to me grumble & grouse first thing in the morning instead!  Aren’t you guys lucky?  Stay tuned for weird this afternoon! Score one for free speech! Brandi Levy was a 14-year old cheerleader on the Junior Varsity team at Mahoney Area High School in Pennsylvania in 2017 when she tried out for the Varsity team … a step up the ladder. She wasn’t chosen for the Varsity team, and expressed her disappointment and frustration on social media in a…

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Source: Jill Dennison