Letter XI “Java at 2100” by G. P. Cox

Letter XI “Java at 2100” Aug 9 Posted by GP 503rd Regiment at Noemfoer, 2 July 1944 Off New Guinea, the resistance on Biak and Noemfoor Islands was crushed as 2,000 paratroopers of the 503rd jumped and the land forces of the 158th RCT overtook the airfields.  Operation Cyclone was a success.  The 503rd A/B would […]

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Letter VII Land by Pacific Paratrooper

For a period of five months the 11th Airborne Division would receive jungle warfare and intensified combat unit ground training in the primitive land of jungles and mountains and thatched huts and the native population fondly called, Fuzzy Wuzzies. The Papua brigades and Allied forces, that fought in what constituted the Cartwheel Operations before the […]

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