Bringing in the harvest by Stuart France

Bringing in the harvest The heather still shows patches of purple although the massed luxuriance of colour has now faded; the bracken begins to turn to bronze and the autumn mists swirl in. Even so, beauty remains. This weekend saw a gathering of companions at a small hotel, high above the little Yorkshire town of Ilkley, […]

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Backstone Beck… by Sue Vincent

  Backstone Beck… As the sun continued to rise at our backs, the light dancing and changing with every passing minute, the three of us, Steve, Stuart and myself, headed over… and up… towards Backstone Beck. The water tumbles down the moor, over boulders of millstone grit, sparkling clean, yet coloured with the amber of […]

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PCP Judge Dismisses Expert Testimony as Hearsay…

PCP Judge Dismisses Expert Testimony as Hearsay… * We have finally received an order from the Deputy Chief Magistrate in PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson for pandemic fraud, dismissing the case without a hearing, on the ground that there is no evidence the defendants have acted dishonestly, whether for material […]

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