Wise words to an elderly lady complaining about her husband’s smoking and drinking by Churchmouse

Britain’s veteran television presenter Richard Madeley has a weekly agony uncle column in The Telegraph. Recently, a 76-year-old lady from Argyll and Bute in Scotland wrote to him complaining about her 73-year-old husband’s smoking and drinking. Excerpts of the letter and Madeley’s wise reply follow, emphases mine. Anon writes: I am 76 and I don’t […]

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Epub vs Mobi – by Sarah Rexford…

Epub vs Mobi – by Sarah Rexford… You’ve written your book and now you’re trying to decide what format to use to put it out into the world. Or maybe you’re still considering writing your book but you want to decide which format to use prior to writing. You’ve come to the right place. The format […]

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