Meeka’s Youtube Channel By acflory

Meeka’s Youtube Channel I wasn’t game to say anything until I had a reasonable number of videos up, but I think I’m finally there, so…this is the link to my channel: Down the bottom you can see a number of playlists. They’re just categories of videos. The how-to playlist only contains one video, but […]

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The Formula of Productivity by Ari Meghlen

The Formula of Productivity On 16 July 2021 By AriIn Organisation Being productive can make a huge difference in your life.  However, it can be easy to mistake being busy with being productive.  And all it takes is something small to derail your productivity.  So if you are currently derailed, or maybe you just want to […]

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Miami Condo Building Collapse: What We Know, Updates, Video

Miami Condo Building Collapse: What We Know, Updates, Video …Four condo board members quit from the seven-member board in 2019 in frustration … in the fall of 2018, a Surfside building official, Ross Prieto, told a board meeting of the Champlain Tower South Condominium Association that their building was safe, despite a then-recent report […]

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