Saturday Surprise!!! by Jill Dennison

Saturday Surprise!!! SURPRISE!!!!  It’s a Fred-in-the-Box!!! Given an over-abundance of angst and exhaustion, both mental and physical, I am taking the very lazy way out tonight and reduxing one of my first Saturday Surprise posts.  Naturally, you won’t be surprised to learn it’s a critter post!  This was first posted in 2017 at a time […]

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Saturday Surprise — Pareidolia (?) by Jill Dennison

Saturday Surprise — Pareidolia (?) Saturday Surprise — Pareidolia (?) Posted on July 24, 2021 by jilldennison under Bits ‘n Pieces, Environmental Issues, Humour, Saturday Surprise Okay, so it’s time for a Saturday Surprise post.  I skipped over it last week … I don’t remember why now, but either I wasn’t inspired or I had something I […]

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