Book Recommendations by Felicia Denise (nesiesplace) 09/03/2021

BookBlitz “Zither (A Marc Candiotti Mystery)” by Jeffrey Hanlon September 3, 2021 ~ Felicia Denise ~~~ Metafiction/Humor/Mystery   Date Published: April 20th, 2021 Publisher: Zither Studios A nutty religious cult abducts a herd of prime gazebos (huh?) and it’s up to bumbling P.I. Mars Candiotti to rescue them. Mars, aspiring author, chronicles his quest in Jeffrey […]

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British Porn? #ThrowbackThursday #humor #England

British Porn? #ThrowbackThursday #humor #England Fifty Shades of Earl Grey This post is from several years back. Among the very entertaining comments was this description from Mary Smith of Scottish High Tea. Brilliant, Barb, but I must correct you on your definition of High Tea. It isn’t only posh American Hotels but also in ordinary Scottish […]

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Following your dreams by floridaborne

Following your dreams August 5, 2021 by floridaborne Twenty years ago, I travelled through parts of France and Switzerland.  My sister was in Annecy to take a 6 week course in French.  She knew it was my dream to see Switzerland, and it was her mission to fulfill that dream. Picture taken from my sister’s […]

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