Coming To A Precinct Near You by lobotero

Coming To A Precinct Near You By now everyone has an opinion of the assault on our ability to vote….and now a new twist….far Right precinct workers……. Far-right followers of Steve Bannon are heeding his unusual battle cry—to start working in their local election precincts. And as an investigative piece by ProPublica explains, this seemingly innocuous […]

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The Assault! by

The Assault! In this case I am not posting about the danger of the 06 January…..I am not saying that the insurrection was not a danger to our republic just that another assault could be much ore dangerous and hazardous to our beloved nation. The assault that I am talking about is that assault on […]

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“Defund The Police” by

“Defund The Police” Oh boy the GOP has a new slogan for the next election cycle….a slogan but NO policy to address the term…..or the problem (which is typical these days….lots of slogans and NO policies) This is nothing new….as a matter of fact I have addressed the idea on several occasions…… […]

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Do NOT Talk About Race! by

Do NOT Talk About Race! There is a racial divide in this country……we can pretend that it does not exist (not in this country) but sadly there is and I have written about it several times…… In case the posts were missed I will help with this issue….. Now instead of actually trying […]

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The Brain Dead Party by

The Brain Dead Party Of course I am talking about the GOP. And the Supreme Court has made it official…… In a stunning decision last week, the Supreme Court ripped the mask off the Republican Party. According to the nation’s highest court, the party no longer has anything to offer the American people. Of course, […]

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#AbbotHatesDogs by

#AbbotHatesDogs Closing Thought–24Jun21 Texas is a wonderful place. They love to suppress the vote, their guns but somehow they hate dogs. Why would anyone say that? First since Gov. Abbot is the leader of the state…then he represents the people of that state….. But how does that translate to hating dogs? Easy Abbot has vetoed […]

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“We Have A Deal”! by

“We Have A Deal”! Well not really…..what the Dems and Repubs have is an agreement……oh boy bi-partisanship is alive and well…..a laughable premise at best. The two sides have reached an agreement on infrastructure…… President Biden has his long-sought bipartisan deal on infrastructure. Whether it becomes legislative reality is a trickier question. “We have a […]

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