MONDAY by floridaborne

MONDAY August 9, 2021 by floridaborne   I dig the 5-cup coffee maker from it’s resting place on the counter and open the lid.  What do I see? A mold farm. Those little green spots that permeate the grounds are dumped into the trash, and the small basket is washed in dishwater containing a teaspoon […]

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More work sarcasm by floridaborne

More work sarcasm August 2, 2021 by floridaborne I’m working at home Monday and Tuesday.  Considering the fact I’ve been up since 1:30am and it’s now 4:30am, I’ll be sleeping in. The landline phone is unplugged, the cell phone is turned off, and if anyone wants me they can call after 10:00am. The only “alarm” […]

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Saturday Covid News by

Saturday Covid News Oh joy!  Since I live just north of a hurricane I am always watching the weather come 01  June….and now we have our first storm in the Caribbean, Elsa….. Florida may soon feel the wrath of Elsa—and it’s going to be windy, not icy. Hurricane Elsa, which was preceded by Tropical Storms […]

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Filosofa’s Mind Is Bouncy by Jill Dennison

Filosofa’s Mind Is Bouncy There was much in yesterday’s news that I could, perhaps should, be writing about.  There was the Supreme Court decision to uphold Arizona’s voter suppression laws, Bill Cosby’s sentence being overturned, even though he has admitted his guilt, Trump organization along with CFO Weisselberg being charged with running a 15-year tax scam, […]

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