Saturday Covid News by

Saturday Covid News Oh joy!  Since I live just north of a hurricane I am always watching the weather come 01  June….and now we have our first storm in the Caribbean, Elsa….. Florida may soon feel the wrath of Elsa—and it’s going to be windy, not icy. Hurricane Elsa, which was preceded by Tropical Storms […]

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Screw Civics! by

Screw Civics! I have personally thought that all this division in our government comes from the lack of civics education….our students have no idea how the government works and why. I begin this post with a quote from Fran Herbert, author of the Dune series…….“Good governance never depends upon laws, but upon the personal qualities […]

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CIA And Drugs by

CIA And Drugs I do not know if Americans know of the CIA involvement in the drug trade….if they truly cared then why is this still going on. This post was inspired by an article I read about the CIA involvement in the drug trade in Afghanistan (you remember than country right?)…….. This is a […]

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“Defund The Police” by

“Defund The Police” Oh boy the GOP has a new slogan for the next election cycle….a slogan but NO policy to address the term…..or the problem (which is typical these days….lots of slogans and NO policies) This is nothing new….as a matter of fact I have addressed the idea on several occasions…… […]

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Closing Thought–30Jun21 by

Closing Thought–30Jun21 After the coup attempt on 06 January 2021 have you ever wondered where these groups and ‘groups’ I mean those mental midgets in our government, get their cash? I may have an answer for you. After a brief lull in political spending following the January 6 insurrection, military contractors are ramping up PAC donations to […]

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