Natalie Merchant – Carnival (Live) by America On Coffee

Natalie Merchant – Carnival (Live) “Carnival” is a 1995 song written and produced by singer-songwriter Natalie Merchant and was the lead single from her debut solo album Tigerlily. In the lyrics, the protagonist compares the many colorful sights… Read more “Natalie Merchant – Carnival (Live)” Source: Natalie Merchant – Carnival (Live) Source:  

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Object of mass distraction — fauxcroft

Object of mass distraction — fauxcroft A dark room a flickering light, The object of mass distraction, Manaquinesque people sit and stare Being brainwashed without a care, Flickering light and various sounds Remotely pictures flash and change, Yet somehow the channels are much the same Boring drivel, reality they say but it’s mundane, Then a […]

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