Candidates for my Book of the Year by Jemima Pett

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This is my book of the year read in 2022, not necessarily newly published. As it happens, one of my absolute faves has won awards, including a Goodreads award, and been picked by several people already. That may be a first for me, and I’m so pleased for the author.

I’ve given up trying to choose one, so I’m listing all those that got 5 stars from me on Goodreads, and putting them into genre-type groups.

Candidates for my Book of the Year

  • Ada Lovelace Cracks the Code (MG, novella)
  • Solstice Day Gifts (novella)
  • HMS Lanternfish (fantasy, later in series)
  • Desperate Undertaking (crime, historical, later in series–plus three more in series)
  • The Darkness Manifesto (non-fiction, environmental)
  • The Empire (mystery, historical)
  • Nocturne (gothic, historical, YA)
  • Bleeding Heart Yard (crime, later in series)
  • Marple: Twelve new stories (crime, anthology)
  • He Knew He Was Right (non-fiction, biography, environmental)
  • Femina (non-fiction, historical)
  • The Shadow of the Great Fire (MG, historical, time travel)
  • Looking for Emily (MG, mystery)
  • Museum of Ordinary People (henlit)
  • Birdgirl (non-fiction, autobiography, environmental, mental health)
  • The Raven Boys (fantasy, YA)
  • Project Hail Mary (science fiction)
  • When Stars are Scattered (MG, non-fiction, refugees)
  • Lessons in Chemistry (suspense, historical, science)
  • Max’s Royal Adventure (MG, time travel, novella, later in series)
  • The Locked Room (crime, later in series)
  • The Flames (historical, art)
  • I, Mona Lisa (historical, art)
  • The Ocean and the End of the Lane (fantasy)

That comes to 27, which is more or less normal for my five-star totals. I’ve read around ten more books than usual, and four were from the same series, (and two more in a different series). So the quality ratings are on a par with previous years, I think. Now to short-list… I find it easiest to do this simply by thinking of the books and how memorable they were.

MG and YA

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