#BookBlitz “Bats, Bandits & Buggies: Ruby and Maude Adventure Book 4” by Nancy Oswald

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#BookBlitz “Bats, Bandits & Buggies: Ruby and Maude Adventure Book 4” by Nancy Oswald

Ruby and Maude Adventure, Book Four

Middle Grade Historical Fiction


Published: October 2021

Publisher: Burro Books

IN COLORADO SPRINGS, the summer of 1898, thirteen year-old, Ruby is bored, bored, bored. What starts out as a plan to train her donkey, Maude, to pull a buggy, ends up in a prickly business deal with her friend Roy, who has run away from Cripple Creek to escape his misery of working in the mines.

Roy lives with his peculiar Aunt Agnes, the caretaker of a mansion where things go bump in the night. Ruby suspects his aunt is involved with two bandits who dress in black and appear and disappear without a trace.

After eavesdropping on a mysterious couple, Ruby is terrified Roy may be the bandits’ next target. Her suspicions come true when the gun-brandishing bandits capture her and Roy.


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