#NewRelease “Thorn (Eleven Wings Book 3)” by Brittni Chenelle

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#NewRelease “Thorn (Eleven Wings Book 3)” by Brittni Chenelle

When there’s nothing left to lose in life, it can’t hurt to trust a traitor.

It’s impossible not to get dragged into Valerie’s chaos. Just when I’m certain where she stands as a ruthless traitor, she dangles the one thing I’d die for in front of me. That’s pretty convenient for someone with no memories, don’t you think?

The team is in shambles, especially Jaemin. How could I have allowed Valerie to drive a wedge between us all again? Still, can she really deliver on her promise, or is she manipulating me for her own dark purposes? Only time will tell.

Thorn is Episode 3 of Brittni Chenelle’s Serialized Eleven Wings Series—definitive proof that little books can host colossal stories. This is only 1 out of 6 episodes, meant to be binged. It is not novel-length. Expect cliffhangers!

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