#BookReview “Black Wedding (Beautifully Brutal Book 1)” by Emma Luna

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#BookReview “Black Wedding (Beautifully Brutal Book 1)” by Emma Luna


5/5 Stars!

My dad had a saying, “I can show you better than I can tell you,” and it’s perfect for Brianna O’Kennan and Liam Doughty. What begins as a hostage situation becomes a marriage of convenience… and a perfect match-up hotter than a five-alarm fire!

They enhance and support each other’s positive traits and flaws as Bree gets her a dream… a ruling position in the family business. Organized crime. While not a poor man, the marriage nets professional hitman, Liam, more money than he’d ever imagined. The big plus was it wasn’t money directly connected to his own dysfunctional mafia family.

When I learned Bree was only twenty years old, I almost eye-rolled myself into another dimension.  I wasn’t ready for a spoiled mafia princess who whined her way through the story and was TSTL.

But Bree smacked me with a reality check and made a believer and supporter out of me.  Like her family, I was quick to underestimate and judge her.  And I was wrong. Savvy and with the wisdom of someone twice her age, Brianna O’Kennan owns this story

Arguably the best assassin in the business, Liam’s name strikes fear at the mere mention. He’s good at killing, but what sets him apart is he doesn’t torture or kill because of some twisted inner need. Being a hitman allows him to be an independent contractor, free of the family he loathes, and free to decline permanent positions from organizations like the one run by Bree’s father, Vernon.

It’s Vernon’s refusal to pay for a contracted job that leads Liam to kidnap Bree. And it’s Bree’s contempt for her father’s attitude… and the fine print, that takes Liam and Bree from captor and hostage to a black wedding.

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