♫ Unforgettable ♫ (Redux) presented by Jill Dennison

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♫ Unforgettable ♫ (Redux)

I’ve really missed doing my music post these past couple of weeks.  I knew I didn’t have the energy to start a new one tonight, so I went back through my archives, I haven’t played this one since 2018 and … listening to it just made me feel happy inside, so I decided to redux it.  I hope you enjoy …

This song was first released by the late, great Nat King Cole with orchestra leader and arranger Nelson Riddle in 1951.  Nat King Cole was biggest seller for Capitol Records for much of the late ’40s and early ’50s. He did a lot of work with Nelson Riddle at Capitol, but Unforgettable was the first session where Riddle got an official credit for his arrangement. The two continued to work together, with Riddle doing orchestrations for The Nat King Cole Show, a variety show Cole hosted in 1956 that was the first of its kind starring a black man. Riddle also did a lot of work with Frank Sinatra when he joined Capitol in 1953.

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