Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #338 by MostlyBlogging

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Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #338


These were my two favorites from the last Inspire Me Monday Linky Party:

Tips To Declutter In A Weekend: How To Accomplish The Improbable

Julie’s headline hooked me. Then, she gives a thorough overview of the situation by offering the pros and cons of decluttering. Finally, she includes a video in her post.

28 Best House Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Make Your House Super Clean

The Mummepreneur has great graphics and helpful tips. I know I tried Tip #1, and it works.

The most popular post at the last Inspire Me Monday Linky Party was 11 Best Cozy Fall Date Night Ideas.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Although not required, for arranging this networking event, it is considered polite to follow your hostess. That’s me! I’m Janice!

Meet Your Hostesses

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