4 Great Thrillers, 1 Miss by Jacqui Murray

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4 Great Thrillers, 1 Miss

I found some amazing thrillers/mysteries these past few months. All of these are from authors I’m familiar with and they didn’t disappoint:

  1. Fast Ice–Kurt Austin is a hard-driving justice-seeking guy who doesn’t like bad guys who want to destroy the planet
  2. Angle of Attack–Zeta agents track a terrorist with weapons-grade plutonium through the Formula 1 European tour
  3. Shadow of the Dragon–Jack Ryan and his son must save the world–par for this series
  4. Dark Sky–Joe Pickett gets dragged into another task–by the Governor–that he wants no part of but almost kills him
  5. The Cellist--good story from an excellent writer with too much intrusive and unnecessary politics–I’m done reading this author
–received free from NetGalley in return for an honest review, except The Cellist–that was from the library