Danny Goes For a Walk by Andrew Joyce

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My Name Is Danny: Tales From Danny the Dog (English Edition) by [Andrew Joyce, Emily Gmitter]
More from Danny – his own tales, you will get in his first book: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Andrew-Joyce-ebook/dp/B084T4JNQW

Danny Goes For a Walk

Ahoy, all you landlubbers. It’s me, Danny the Dog. I live on a boat with my human who I’ve alluded to in the past. His name is Andrew. Now, I do know for a fact that mostly humans read my stories, but my writing is usually geared to my fellow canines. Having said that, I’ll tell what I’ve been up to the last couple of days.

Andrew and I get along for the most part. And as far as roommates go, he’s not too bad. However, as most of my dog friends will attest to, humans can be trying at times. For instance, take the situation concerning our bed. Well, on boats they’re called bunks. Don’t ask me why, it’s just something a silly human made up a long time ago. […]

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