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♫ I Saw Her Again ♫

When I played ♫ Dedicated To The One I Love ♫ a couple of nights ago, I mentioned that in my search for a Mamas & Papas song that I hadn’t already played here, I found not one, but two songs that fit that bill.  This one, I Saw Her Again, is the other one!

An interesting, and kind of sad story behind the origins of this song.  Turns out that John Phillips wife and fellow band member, Michelle, had been having an affair with the other ‘Papa’, Denny Doherty.  This affair, combined with an affair between Michelle Phillips and Gene Clark of The Byrds, resulted in the brief expulsion of Michelle from the group for about two months.  Denny Doherty is given credit for co-writing the song, but some say that the song was John’s retribution against Doherty for the affair.

The group broke up in 1967, and John & Michelle divorced two years later.  Tragically, Mama Cass, who was doing well with her solo singing career, died in her sleep of a heart attack at the age of only 32. […]

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